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[兼职] 国际足联&国际田联指定实验室 招聘工程师



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Company introduction:
Established in 1993, LABOSPORT is the world’s leading test institute and consultancy firm dedicated to sports surfaces and sports equipment.LABOPORT operates a comprehensive quality system in accordance with ISO 17025; LABOSPORT is the member of I.S.S.S. and is accredited by most worldwide sports federations, including FIFA, FIH, WR, IAAF and so on.Labosport has always been at the forefront of the industry bringing technical innovation in order to improve the overall quality and safety for sports players internationally.Over the years Labosport has developed a strong multi-disciplinary team dedicated to sports surfaces and equipment with expertise in chemistry, engineering, agronomy biomechanics, sports performance, materials science and many other areas.
This combination of multiple talents makes Labosport technical capacities unique.

Further information: http://www.labosport.com.cn Chinese Branch is located in Guangzhou.

We are now looking for a Lab Technician

Job Description:
1. Preparation/consignment of samples, handling of laboratory tests, analysis of test results and issuing reports;
2. Application of company’s ISO 17025 procedures and policies;
3.  Maintain the testing equipment. Identify equipment malfunction, report and take corrective action in time;
4. Preparation of equipment for Field testing;
5. Technical support for office staff and clients;
6. Possible assistance for testing on site in China required from time to time.

1. College degree above of physical, mechanical, electronic, inspection and other related specialty;
2. Laboratory or testing working experience is preferred;
3. Proficient in the use of computers, specifically good at Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel;
4. Good spoken and written English;
5. Rigorous to laboratory work, strong sense of responsibility and service consciousness;
6. Strong learning ability, ability to work independently and good team work spirit.

Salary depending on experience.
Please provide us with your resume in English. If selected, we will contact you directly

Contact E-mail: office@labosport.com.cn
Tel : 020-81900714


1、 实验室样品制备与常规实验,分析测试结果,独立总结检测报告;
2、 落实与执行ISO 17025等实验室的规章制度;
3、 按照标准程序维护实验室中的设备和仪器。识别仪器故障,采及时报告以及及时取纠正措施;
4、 为外出场地测试准备仪器;
5、 为客户以及办公室同事提供基本的技术支持,保持和维护公司形象;

1. 物理,机械,电子,检验等理工科大专以上学历;
2. 有实验室或检测工作经验者优先;
3. 熟练使用办公软件,如word,excel等;
4. 具有一定的英文读写能力;
5. 对待检测工作有严谨的态度,强烈的责任心和服务意识;
6. 学习能力强,具备独立工作能力和良好的团队合作精神。


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